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4-Meo-Pcp is one of the newest rc chemicals to become available for researching purposes in 2010. I personally have only very recently begun taking an in depth look at 4-Meo-Pcp within my chemical research in my laboratory. Last week i actuall made an initial purchase of the chemical compound 4-Meo-Pcp from the site i normally use for my supplies. This site is

I couldnt wait to start my research on this exciting new product so did not waste any time. 4-Meo-Pcp is a new to the wide market chemical that i hope is going to give good results. It will probably then begin to become increasingly popular on the uk research chemical industry online market.

This next bit of information is from a similar blog that is also all about 4-Meo-Pcp aka 4-Methoxyphencyclidine :

” 4-meo-pcp aka 4-Methoxyphencyclidine is a type of dissociative anesthetic drug. This compound actually strangely enough possesses both sedative capabilities and hallucinogenic effects also. It is rumoured to have been compared, in the likeness of potency, with the drug that is ketamine. Unlike ketamine, 4-Methoxyphencyclidine aka 4-Meo-Pcp is legally sold within the uk under the terms that it is not for human consumption. It is then dispatched from the uk to anywhere else in the uk or to europe and even world wide.

So 4-Meo-Pcp has already been compared to ketamine, this is a bold statement that i am not going to agree with, But it does pose a lot of questions.

So in analysis what do we even know about this chemical compound and its structure. 4-Meo-Pcp (4-Methoxyphencyclidine) actually has a more varied spectrum of effects to ketamine and similar compounds. This is reported to be due to the fact that it has an altered binding profile at various targets in the compound. 4-Meo-Pcp is supposed to be as a lot more potent and of a higher strength than the normal kinds of NMDA antagonists that we are more familiar with.

There is a very similar compound out there and it’s a derivative of 4-meo-pcp. This is called 3-methoxy and it is also known as 3-MeO-PCP. 3-Meo-Pcp is said to be around 10 times the potency in its weight than the known 4-methoxy isomer i. This in turn makes it a very similar strength & potency to standard PCP. 4-Meo-PCP was first made available for sale in the United Kingdom back in the year 2008. Online retailers begun to market and advertise the chemical and it was then distributed nationwide like a designer drug under the changed term of “research chemical” or a chemical for research”

There is very little amounts of good information about on the internet regarding 4-meo-pcp but there is no doubt a very informative thread on that you may desire to read if you are considering buying this chemical for researching in your lab or chemistry purposes.

I would even say i have preferred this compound to 6apb benzo fury

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